• Mobile Window Tinting Brisbane Review Article

Before your car/home is tinted

Ensure your car is protected from the elements, such as the sun, wind, dust, and pollen. There should be enough space to fully open the doors on at least one side of the car. We may require access to power for some vehicles.

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Remove all baby seats. This will ensure we have full access to the rear screen, as well as protecting the baby seat from any moisture. 

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For home windows, please ensure we have clear access to the windows being tinted. This includes moving any furniture, blinds, or flywire that is obstructing the inside of the window.

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After your car is tinted

Leave your windows closed for 48 hours. This goes for both car and house windows. 

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Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere! After your windows are tinted, you may notice hazyness, distortion, and bubbles in the windows. This is moisture and tinting solution trapped between the film and the glass. This is to be expected and may take up to one month to fully cure, or even longer for building windows. 

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Do not use any glass cleaning products on the window tint. Many of these contain chemicals that will harm the film and lead to a drastically shorter life.

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